• Air Needle Scaler

Air Needle Scaler

نموذج : ST-2275


Model #ST-2275 

Model #


Blow Per Min. (bpm)


No. of needle

 Ø3mm x 180mm(L) x 19pcs

Piston(Øx stroke mm)

 34 mm

Air lnlet (PT)


Air pressure

 6.3 Bar (90 psi)

Air Consumption

 250 L/Min

Net Weight

 2.5 kgs

Overall Length

 16.14" (410 mm)

Packing: 10pcs/Ctn/30 kgs/1.45 Cuft


* Heat-treated barrel and piston for extended tool life.
* Long reach type permits work deep into narrow slots or on wide surfaces.
* Level throttle control.
* Application: Excellent for paint; glue; rust; dirt or weld scale removal from irregular and curved surface or hard-to-access areas.

* The needle scaler can be converted into either a scaler or a flux chipper by removing the scaler attachment.


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