18V Brushless full auto shut off cordless screwdriver with 3.1Ah Li-ion battery set (without charger)

نموذج : ES-B1803-20,ES-B1803H-20,ES-B1806-20,ES-B1805H-20,ES-B1809-20,ES-B1812-20,

10.8V Brushless Full Auto Shut-off Cordless Screwdriver

نموذج : ES-B11002H/E-30, ES-B11003/E-30, ES-B11005/E-30

18V Brushless Full Auto Shut off Cordless Screwdriver

نموذج : ES-B1815L-40

Brushless semi-auto cordless screwdriver with 2.0Ah Li-ion battery set

نموذج : ESS-B1805-20

Brushless Semi-auto Cordless Ccrewdriver with 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery Set

نموذج : ESS-B1812-40

18V Brushless Full Auto Shut-Off Cordless Screwdriver With 3.1Ah Li-ion Battery Set

نموذج : ES-B1822L-40