Smart Tools (7)

As technology improves to the new level, assembly design has become more and more complex. DC electric system drive the central forces of innovation, not only for Industrial 4.0 but also for other "smart" megatrends, such as smart production & smart factories.

Cordless Tools (20)

Sumake cordless tools feature mobility and high performance with repeatable torque accuracy within ±3%. Adopts High power Brushless Motor with constant speed and 2 years warranty. Build-in indicating light to indicate the fasten procedure during operation. The entire series supports a wide range from 0.1 to 48 Nm (0.07 to 425 Lbf-in). Ideal for tightening work in narrow and congested workspaces. It is suitable for various industries such as assembling laptops, digital cameras, game consoles, watches, smartphones, glasses, toys, drones, communication equipment and high-tech products and other industries that need to be assembled in a clean room.

Screw Feeder (16)

SUMAKE automatic screw feeder combine with pneumatic screwdriver / electrical screwdriver / transducer screwdriver provide a consistent supply of screws, escalate the screw fastening speed and significantly improves production efficiency.
The screw Jaw is customized according to the customer’s screws and workpieces to ensure smooth and stable operation.