Electric Screwdriver

SUMAKE specializes in design and manufacture of electric screwdrivers which are widely used in various applications.

The electric screwdriver features excellent torque control to ensure accurancy in fastening, ergonomics and anti-slip egg-shaped design to ensure comfortable operation, high accuracy, wide large torque range, low noise high efficiency, and more.


Brushless DC Full Auto Shut Off (28)

Sumake Electric Screwdrivers are ideal for tightening critical parts that require high accuracy(±3%) and mobility. Adopts High-Functional Brushless Motor, greatly improve the service life and no pollution worries. The entire series supports a wide range from 0.008 to 50 Nm (0.07 to 442.56 Lbf-in). Furthermore, we have integrated screw counter, power supply and slow start functions into a unique device. It is suitable for various industries such as assembling laptops, digital cameras, game consoles, watches, smartphones, glasses, toys, drones, communication equipment and high-tech products and other industries that need to be assembled in a clean room.