• 210MM الاهتزاز للحد AIR HAMMER

210MM الاهتزاز للحد AIR HAMMER

نموذج : ST-2231/H


Model #ST-2231R (ROUND: 0.401" Chisel shank)

Model #ST-2231H (HEX: 10/11mm Chisel shank)


Model #

ST-2231R (ROUND 0.401" Chisel shank)

ST-2231H (HEX 10/11mm Chisel shank)

Bore Diameter (I.D)

 3/4" (19 mm)

Piston Stroke

 3-1/10" (81 mm)

Blow Per Min

 2,500 (BPM)

Air Consumption

 10 cfm (283 l/min)

Suggest Air pressure

 6.5 kg/cm2 (90 psi)

Overall Length

 9.4" (240 mm)

Air inlet

 1/4" PT

Air hose (I.D)


Air consumption

 10 cfm (283 l/min)

Net Weight

 5.3 kgs (2.4 lbs)


Packing: 6pcs/Ctn/16 kgs/1 Cuft



1.    Front & rear exhaust.

2.    Providing a vibration suppressing device to be incorporated in an air hammer to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional air hammering devices.

3.    Having a simple structure and thus low costs; to effectively suppress the transmission of vibration caused by an air hammering mechanism of the air hammer.

4.    Providing a vibration suppressing device for air hammer; which has relatively long service life without the need of replacing fatigued parts and which does not adversely affect the output power of the air hammer. Applying alloy steel material for cylinder & piston.