• مركب فراغ الهواء عدة بندقية

مركب فراغ الهواء عدة بندقية

نموذج : SA-5300

Composite air vacuum gun kit (BOX package)

- Incl.3 Nozzles; extension tube;12" Flexible hose & Vacuum dust bag

Model #SA-5300


Overall length(Gun body): 5.71" (145mm)

Suction(with dust bag): 9cmHg

Air inlet(PT): 1/4"

Min. Hose size: 5/16"

Air consumption: 3.36 cfm (95 l/min)

New weight: 1.54 lbs (0.7kgs)

Packing: 1pc/box; 20pcs/Ctn/16kgs/3.1 cuft










Features -

* Ideal for vehicle media installation shops.


* Designed to get in tight quarters.


* Comfortable composite gun body with vacuum/blow two-way function; light-weighted design; easy for operation.


* Includes a 12” long flexible hose & an extension tube for clearing dust at the corner.


* Provides excellent function for different material cleaning as sand; iron chips; sawdust; stones & glasses chips.

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