• الحفاظ سريعة كسلان تونغ نوع سليم رئيس اليد المبرشم

الحفاظ سريعة كسلان تونغ نوع سليم رئيس اليد المبرشم

نموذج : HT-6772

الحفاظ سريعة كسلان تونغ نوع سليم رئيس اليد المبرشم

Model #HT-6772


Model #


Capacity (Aluminum)

3.2mm(1/8”), 4.0mm(5/32”), 4.8mm(3/16”), 6.0, 6.4mm(1/4”)

Capacity (Steel)

3.2mm(1/8”), 4.0mm(5/32”), 4.8mm(3/16”)

Capacity (Stainless Steel)

3.2mm(1/8”), 4.0mm(5/32”), 4.8mm(3/16”)


810mm(open) (31.9”)


1.85 kgs (4.1 lbs)

Packing: 10pcs/Ctn/21kgs/1.5 Cuft


  • Slim Design™ for riveting in width-limited places.
  • Quick-Maintain Head Design™ for easily replacing the inside Worn Parts, such as Jaws.
  • Eco-Friendly Design™, EU REACH SVHC Compliance.
  • Open Length: 810mm (31.9") ; Closed Length: 310mm (12.2").
  • Robust Quadruple Steel Lattice System, Large 2-Jaw System
  • With 5 Interchangeable Nosepieces (Size mark engraved). 


The tools expand and lock a hollow rivet by pulling a mandrel through the rivet body. The mandrel is then broken off and discarded, leaving the expanded rivet to secure the work pieces.

The lazy-tong type of hand riveter is the second manually activated riveter type and works on a trellis-style lever system. The tong arrangement is extended fully to open the jaws and position the rivet mandrel. The tong lever is then pushed toward the riveter head, closing the jaws to grip and retract the mandrel. Due to its longer range of leverage, this type of tool typically only requires a single cycle to set the rivet and break off the mandrel. 

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