• Automatic Nipple Feeder- For Motocycle & Bicycle

Automatic Nipple Feeder- For Motocycle & Bicycle

نموذج : SNF-A8,SNF-A9,SNF-A10,SNF-A11,SNF-A12,SNF-A13,SNF-A1,SNF-A2,SNF-A3,SNF-A4,

●Without the trouble of manual handling nipples. The nipple is sent to the driver tip fast and steadily. Assembly work can be completely simply by a slight push.
It achieves higher production efficiency at 40 rims per hour. Compact mechanical structure achieves easier maintenance while providing lower maintenance cost and shorter investment return.
The bit is provided with 3mm pin to achieve appropriate driving depth for the nipple so as to avoid unbalanced rim fastening.
It is provided with SNF-T2 wheel assembly table and is suitable for various kinds and sizes of rims. Further, the high-low position is also adjustable according to the respective application habitude. Besides, the hub holding mode can also be replaced according to different hub pattern.
It is provided with SNF-T3 machine Table to achieve neat and aesthetic look of the production line. Further, the suspension arm is also provided for installing the spring balancer.
Only suitable for air screwdriver cushion type.