• مكبس المضخة الكهربائية بخاخ الرش مع بندقية رش
  • مكبس المضخة الكهربائية بخاخ الرش مع بندقية رش

مكبس المضخة الكهربائية بخاخ الرش مع بندقية رش

نموذج : SLP-1100A

مكبس المضخة الكهربائية بخاخ الرش مع بندقية رش




Motor type



110~240V/ 50~60 Hz

Power input

1000 W

Max Tip size


Max. flow

2.1 l/min (0.55 gpm)

Max. pressure

207 bar (3000 psi)

Net weight

72.6 lbs (33 kgs)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

515 x 530 x 795 mm3

* Standard accessories:

- Hose 1/4"x50'(16.5m)

- Gun with Tip(0.017")

- Pump Filter w/ one each 60 & 100 screens

- Special Multi-Purpose Wrench

- Rigid Suction Pipe

* Optional Accessories:

Flexible Suction Pipe

* Features

The airless sprayers are designed specifically for professional painting contractors. The state of the art electronic pressure control system allows ideal atomization under all conditions. The long-duty piston pump and direct gear drive are built for the long haul. The fully enclosed; fan cooled DC motors are built for ample power and heavy duty cycles all day long. The quick-change pump filter is easy to access and clean.

The airless sprayers can handle a very wide range of paint types.

l Wood interior: lacquer; varnish; stain; sealer; enamel.

l Ceiling: high-build

l Wood exterior: exterior stain; vinyl; acrylic; latex

l Masonry: alkyd; vinyl; latex; elastomeeric; block filler

l Structural steel: heavy coating

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